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by Narissa Hill / PURE South Windsor


Tackle Acne and Aging Simultaneously

It is easy to think you can only tackle acne or aging, but not both at the same time. So if we have acne, we just focus on that
because of its immediate issue, and we don’t think we have the luxury to worry about the future, or we think an anti-wrinkle cream
will cause us to break out.

A effective night time regime to battle both simultaneously is to start with a good anti-acne product
but apply only to areas that you need it. Then quickly switch to a good anti-aging cream and apply
it all over and don’t forget your décolletage.

Sunscreen application is vital in your daily routine. Sunscreens containing vitamins C and E lessen the effects of the sun’s rays
on the skin. This is important, because “no sunscreen is 100 percent effective”. Some rays will get through and cause free radical
damage which ages skin.

Preliminary lab studies show that products with green tea, an antioxidant, may reduce the incidence of
skin cancer. We need to be sure to always be diligent in the application of sunscreen even in the winter months.

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by Narissa Hill

Aesthetician, (MT) Massage Therapist : : PURE / South Windsor Location