Semi permanent ink that is feathered onto the skin, imitating the hair. These strokes are done individually by our certified aesthetician Deborah. The ink used is mixed the day of your appointment to match your hair colour, again being done specifically for you.
This is perfect for women who have lost a lot of their brows and are tired of using make up! You will never need another brow pencil again! Microblading lasts from 1-3 years, 6 weeks after your initial appointment you can come in for a free touch up.

Microblading free Consultation FREE
2 hour Microblading process400
1 hour touch up is 6 weeks later and that is free FREE

Xtreme Lashes
Individual lash per lash. Light weight lashes that are individually glued to each one of your lashes. There is a rang of lashes that allow our certified aesthetician to create a look specifically for you! If you are looking for length, volume, drama or natural we can achieve it. Using the brand Xtreme lash which includes their own glue as well as products to keep the lashes looking fuller and to help keep them longer

The initial appointment will be 2 hours long and then there are the fills.

Full Set 2 hr session$150
Lash Fill $110 1/2 hr $110
Lash Fill 2 (1hr) sessions $75