With our diverse array of advanced signature treatments, products, and immaculate client care, PURE Day Spa (founded in 2007) has earned its reputation as the most trusted and luxurious spa venue in the Windsor area. Our team is a group of highly-trained and knowledgeable aestheticians and beauty therapists who are acclaimed for their exceptional client care.

Renowned for our contemporary and relaxing oasis, beautifully appointed decor with indulgent private treatment rooms, and custom-designed pedicure chairs, PURE has won the coveted “Outstanding New Business for 2007” Award, and the prized “Best Facial 2011” Award.

PURE Award-Biz-X

Renowned for our uniqueness, determination, vision and exceptional client care PURE have won the coveted “Outstanding New Business for 2007″ Award, and the prized “Best Facial 2011” Award.


Biz X Magazine, Biz X Awards

“Outstanding New Business for 2007”

Biz X Magazine, Biz X Awards

“Best Facial 2011”


We take pride in our abFashion-Thaisility to build a close relationship with our clients. Our understanding of clients’ needs helps us build trust and offer comfort like no other.

It is no secret that our clients become a part of PURE. We travel together, shop together and contribute to the community together.

-This is what underlines our uniqueness and passion.-

                                                             – Team PURE


Giving to the community is an essential part of PURE; we support many local charities such as T2B-Transition to Betterness, Hospice, W.E. Care for Kids and more. Our clients and partners are also very generous in their contributions to these community programs, and for that we are very thankful to them.

Essex County District School BoardEssex County District School Board:

Acknowledgement for our involvement with Essex County District

“…PURE, the newest most luxurious day spa is a heaven for those seeking to be primped and pampered.”

                         THE WINDSOR STAR

“…PURE has the potential to make a lasting impact on the local business community. An authentic European classic sanctuary.”

                                                             BIZ X Magazine

“…It is intriguingly infused with ZEN qualities.”

                                                                        –WINDSOR LIFE Magazine

The importance of supporting local young artists is instrumental, as the general awareness and interest rises in recent years in contemporary art.
PURE aims to present artwork by young, talented local artists whose work has been rarely exhibited. PURE is committed to provide space for these young artists to progress or launch their career.